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What To Expect

+ what to wear


~Vic & Marie Provides a Large Collection of Gowns, Accessories, Bodysuits, and Custom Luxurious Pieces that you are more than welcome to wear.

~ Gown fittings take place on day of session. Please refer to your
SESSION CONFIRMATION for your appointment time. 

~Wear a Push up Strapless Bra in Nude or White. Underwear must not be hugging and in similar color to bra. No Spandex or Slim Wear! If you want the gowns to look flattering, please follow this as we will not be able to Photoshop straps out of bra or spandex lines [the ones hugging both mid belly and thigh] Do not worry about your body; it's our job is to make you look flattering without all the excess wear. You want to be comfortable but Sexy!


~Sandals or Flats while in our studio. Heels are allowed during the session time if your legs will be showing [Nude, Short Dress/Gown, Bodysuits, accessories, etc.] If you decide to bring heels during your session, We are not responsible if you fall or loose balance.

We scan all gowns at the end of session to ensure there are no rips or tears.

If You Rip or Tear one of the Gowns you are using during the time of your session, You Will be required to pay for the gown you have damaged. Your images will not be released until the gown has been paid for. 

~Vic and Marie Photography have a contract Hair and Make Up Artist in Studio. Info is given in your Session Confirmation Email if you would like to book Her. She does offer a great service & at a great and affordable price!

~Make sure Dad is not in a logo t-shirt or patterned shirt, SOLIDS-buttoned-up are always BETTER! -You can also bring your little one's dad to be included in shoot [Children are also welcomed to join the Maternity Session as well] NO BASEBALL HATS, SNEAKERS, OR T-SHIRTS [unless it's an all white v-neck]! Cowboy Hats are fine.

Newborn Session

Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you so much for allowing us the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your new little mini in his/her first few days of life.  Newborns are one of our passions and We consider ourselves truly blessed to be around these little miracles so much.

What to expect:

We account time for your baby to eat, for us to clean up messes and settle your baby.  Additionally, We consider time for changing setups for different poses.

We do keep our studio nice and toasty.  The temperature can range from 78 to 85 degrees so you will want to dress appropriately.  We will photograph your baby in our Props and Outfits, so it is not required to bring outfits. 

We believe in capturing the sweet and innocence of your tiny baby in our infant-safe attire, props, and accessories. However, if you have knitted items that you would like to bring, please feel free to do so.  If you do have knitted items for the session, please send a photograph (email) to Marie.  
This will help coordinate backdrops to your items.


What to do before your scheduled session

~Give your baby a sponge bath and don’t forget the lotion

~Put clothing and diaper on loosely to avoid red marks. A onesie that zips in the front is easiest to take off and less disturbing to your baby.

~Grab a pacifier even if you do not plan on letting your baby use one on a daily.  Pacifiers help soothe babies and will make the session go much smoother when it comes to transitioning into different poses.

~With the way the poses are setup, a sleeping baby is required.  You can feed your baby before you leave home, if needed or as soon as when you enter our studio for your session.
~Most babies will fall asleep in the car.  
     If your little one wakes up hungry, you can feed them in our Newborn Lounge Area to get a nice full belly to help them sleep better. 

~As soon as your baby falls asleep, We will ask that you (mom) allow us to take over. Babies can smell mommy and may not sleep deep enough to allow for a pose.    You can, at this point, make yourself comfortable in our Newborn Lounge Area and read a magazine or catch up on a Netflix series while we work our magic.


If you purchased the titanium newborn package;

Mom, Dad, & Siblings; you are a big part of the show!
Photographing the connection between your family and your newborn is significant and lasting.

~Dad: We ask that you bring a nice fitting v-neck t-shirt [white, or tan, pastels are fine] to wear with a good, snug pair of jeans or black pants. Please do NOT wear patterns, busy button ups, logo t-shirts, etc. Solid Button Down Shirts work as well. 
Keep it simple!

~Mom: Keep the color neutral and design simple. Please be sure that you have no nail polish, as your hands will make their way into the images. Also, rest assured, we aim to photograph using flattering angles and light to bring out the natural beauty in your family. Airy and loose or tight fitted blouses work perfectly for this. Please do not feel that because you just had a beautiful baby, you will not look good in your pictures.

*Do your make up and get your hair done! You will be glad you did! [Book a session with Priscilla if you do not want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself]

Including older brother(s)/sister(s) Including siblings in your newborn’s portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives. This is perfect for siblings that are over 2 years of age.

      If your child is under 2, please know that we do not advise placing them together alone without an adult holding baby safely from older sibling's grasp.                                                                     
*We are not responsible if older sibling hurts baby in the process of images being captured that were requested of Photographer.

~Sister(s): I ask that girls hair be natural (or in braids) and free of bows, headbands, etc. Just as with mom, no nail polishes please. Dresses [no Puff, no Tulle] Keep the outfit simple and color neutral. Please do not bring children in hot pink, neonic colors, or bright colors. 

~Brother(s): A snug pair of jeans and a white vneck or shirtless is preferred. Please take a few moments to chat with your son about this, so he feels prepared for the session. If he prefers not, a tight-fitting white t-shirt is fine.


Cake Smash

-Clothing-Typically shirtless is best for little boys. Shirtless with a necklace and tutu is great for girls or  petti rompers, lacey diaper covers etc. also work great! Just remember, whatever they might wear, it might be ruined! Bring tons of wipes, plastic bag for clothing etc. for a mess afterward! Cake gets in all places ! -I recommend simple clothing with busier backdrops, and busy clothing with simple backdrops-If you have a particular theme or colors in mind, please let us know a month in advance otherwise photographer will select theme and colors. Sessions can be anything or as simple as shades of purple!-Outfit and backdrop need to be coordinated so be sure to send photos of what your little one will be wearing a week ahead of time!-We do not provide the cake, so please make sure that the cake will not clash with the rest of the shoot! do not go for crazy colors, instead, go for calm with details in the theme of your little ones' cake smash. if it's covered in a bright purple, it may not look appealing to your child and you may not be able to get the images you want!-

Places to buy Cake:
*HEB - Highly Recommended based on Price and Styles Provided

Ensure you Purchase a 6" Cake so that they fit in our cake stands.




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