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After your Session


-Editing takes time! You will receive your proof gallery in 21 days!  After your session, We will go through and pick the best images giving you a wide variety of poses and scenery. We will then do a base edit to each of those images focusing on skin, teeth, eyes, hair, etc making you look like you, but bringing out the best in you! I give each photo a little professional polish as I like to call it enhancing the landscape with selective color popping!

*Your Very Own Social Media Post will be available during the Final Processing Stage of your Experience! Please do not ask for a faster preview. We are fair with all of our clients and go based on who came into the studio first.

-Typically, you will have your files within 6 weeks. Sometimes, Editing may take up to 7 weeks. If you need your files before a special birthday etc, please do not book the day you need it by and set it for the time we mention so that they are reedy by the time you need them. If you would like to have the session take place closer to the big day [or date needed] a rush order processing fee would be recommended


-Your files will be delivered via an online gallery where you will be able to favorite the photos you'd like to Keep.

A print release is also sent to you at this time. 


NOTE* - The Number of Photos you are allowed to chose depends on the Package you purchased.

Please refer to your invoice/receipt on the amount of images your package includes.

Any extra photos will result in a fee of $15 per image.

NOTE: EFFECTIVE AS OF NOVEMBER 2015: Your Gallery will be up for a total of 14 days. The First Upload Fee is covered in your Session Fee. The Final Gallery is also covered for 7 days. However, Once your gallery expires [for either proof or final], there is a $25 Re-activation Fee if you have already logged in/downloaded your images or wish to look over them again before doing your final selecting.

If you would like additional time or days to download your final images, please note that it is $25 for 2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE MUST BE NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED SELECTING YOUR IMAGES. Without Notification, we do not know if you are finished, if you have not picked the amount you purchased, or if you are still narrowing down the amount of images you wish to purchase. This will make the turn around time even longer as it takes 21 Business Days to have the final images ready.

At the end of your session, our goal is leave you with images you will cherish forever.

Thank you for trusting us to capture one of the most wonderful moments in your life.

Let's have some fun! 




Vic & Marie Photography

Vic & Marie

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