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What to Wear


Once your session is booked you may begin to wonder: “What am I, my child, family, baby or newborn going to wear for our professional photography shoot?!”  You probably know the basic photography rules. No large logos, crazy stripes or tons of patterns,  you don’t want 40 photos of your 2 year old in his Elmo shirt, (but a few are fine after all it’s his favorite). A huge hat on your 4 year old’s head may distract from her gorgeous eyes, but a cute knit hat or flower headband is adorable. I will try to help guide you with what to wear for your upcoming photo shoot.



Newborns are easy, they are perfect with nothing at all on!! We also like to use swaddling blankets, hats, headbands, and few props. If you have anything of sentimental value, please have that out as well. I encourage Mom and Dad to get in a few family pictures as well [if this is included in your package]. I love white, creams, beiges, greys and pastels. The more neutral the better. Black shirts provide a great backdrop for Mom and Dad to wear for close family shots. Siblings should be in light and airy clothing, solid colors are preferred. You can match a bow or hat to the siblings shirt or dress, same for Mom and Dad if we are doing shots of the entire family together.


We want to show off that great baby bump. Clothing should be tight fitting around the belly to accentuate it. Our Gowns Are the Perfect Touch! Nails should be newly manicured in clear paint, french manicure, or light color. Accessories can be added as needed to complete the picture. If your significant other is joining you they should wear solid color button down shirt and pants/jeans are fine. Just remember your belly is the star of this shoot.


Family photos do not have to mean white tees and khakis or matching polo shirts anymore. Polo shirts for boys and men are still a great choice, but they do not have to be in the same color as each other. Khakis are fine, but not everyone has to be wearing them. Basically Color coordinated outfits are in, and the “uniform” look is gone. Choose items for your family as if you were creating one large outfit. Would all the colors you choose look nice on one person. Accessories can also bring an “outfit” together, a bracelet the same color as your son’s shirt. Your little girl can wear a fun funky dress and everyone else can pull one color from it to wear.
Siblings: The same rules hold true as for families. Coordinated in, uniformity out. Have your daughter in a colorful dress and pull out a color for your sons shirt. Little girls together do best with dresses, skirts, and layers from similar lines. They can both wear white dresses, but try accessorizing with fun different colors of leggings, headbands, scarves or necklaces. Just be careful with adding too many different patterns, especially for girls. Funky, fun and fresh is great, but can become overwhelming quickly. I also welcome wardrobe changes in between shots if we want to create different looks or if we are doing individual siblings.

Babies and Childrens:

We really can be creative with clothing when the shoot is just of the star. Tutu’s, superhero capes, cowboy boots, layers upon layers, fun patterned dress, or just a classic look. Really anything goes. We want to capture personality so fun layers, leggings, jeans under dresses, frilly, classic, newsboy hats, and everything else in between. It’s your chance to be the star, there is no concern of clashing colors or patterns like you have with family shoots. We also want to make sure you or your child are comfortable in the clothes, so make sure they can move around freely. Don’t forget about fun accessories either. Clothing changes are also encouraged if the model is willing, we can do some funky as well as some pictures in a more classic look.

Lastly, this photography session is representing your family, children and your own personal style and tastes. You may wish to create something truly unique, be trendy, bring out the funky, or prefer the more classic style. After all these photos will be hanging on your wall. Whether you dress up, dress down, get totally funky, or somewhere in between it is important that every family member is comfortable. If your teenage son does not want to wear a pink polo please do not force him. I do allow for wardrobe changes so be sure to bring extra clothes if you wish.
 [no more than 1 outfit]

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